Bylaws & Committees

WCCP Bylaws – We are currently updating the Bylaws and will post updates soon.

Constitution – We are currently updating the Constitution and will post updates soon.


Each family is assigned to one committee at the start of the school year. It is up to each family to decide who in their family will complete the duties required for their committee assignment. Families should notify the Program Director immediately if there are any committees on which they are unable to participate due to work schedules, religious preferences, or health conditions. If you have a preference to be on a particular committee, please submit your requests to the Program Director at the time of registration, or by August 1st, whichever is earlier. The Program Director will make every effort possible to honor the requests of each family for their committee assignments; however, to ensure we have coverage on all committees, we will not be able to honor all requests.

YEARBOOK: The yearbook committee will be responsible for coordinating the layout and photos to include in the yearbook, and for taking pictures of special events, field trips and school parties to be included in the yearbook. Photos will be uploaded to an online account and the committee will need to coordinate meeting days and times to review pictures and make decisions on the final layout to be submitted for printing. Review of the draft yearbook from the printer is also needed prior to approving the print job for all yearbooks. The committee will consist of 3-4 members that will rotate photography assignments for each event. Reports to: Membership Chair and Program Director

MAINTENANCE: The maintenance committee will be responsible for cleaning and maintaining the classroom on a weekly basis. Maintenance involves organizing and cleaning all toys, sanitizing toys when necessary, cleaning the bathroom, cleaning floors and tables, maintaining the playground area, and cleaning up after events and parties. If there is a health risk that warrants a special cleaning session, committee members will be asked to come in to clean outside of the regular schedule to avoid having to cancel classes, and to help prevent the spread of various illnesses. The committee will consist of 10-15 members, divided into into 2-3 groups so that each parent will only need to clean twice per month, plus any potential special sessions for health risks. Sessions are typically scheduled on Tuesday or Thursday evenings from 7pm to 8:30pm, with the exception of any special cleaning sessions due to health risks. Reports to: Maintenance Chair and Program Director

FUNDRAISING: Fundraising committee members will be responsible for reaching out to businesses to solicit donations that will be used for our annual silent auction fundraiser event. A list of businesses that have donated in the past to the school will provided as a starting point, but members are expected to reach out to more than just previous donors. Members will gather donated items and turn them in to the Program Director as they are collected. Prior to the silent auction event, members will meet to organize the donations and prepare packages and/or gift baskets to be on display for the auction. All members are expected to attend the silent auction to help set up, run the event, and then clean up afterwards. The committee will consist of at least 10 members and will be the default committee for any families who are not already assigned to other committees. Reports to: Vice President and Program Director

LAUNDRY: Laundry committee members will be responsible for weekly washing of art smocks and rags that are used in the classroom. The laundry is taken home weekly on Fridays to be washed, dried and folded. Laundry must be promptly returned on Monday morning by the start of the 4-year class, regardless of whether the member has a child in the 4-year class. Preference will be given to members with children in the 4-year classes so that members don’t have to make extra trips to the school. The committee will consist of 2-3 members so that each member will only have to do laundry twice per month. Reports to: Lead Teacher and Program Director