Bylaws & Committees

WCCP Bylaws



TEACHERS HELPER  Assist with preparation for any classroom projects. This includes but is not limited to tracing and cutting shapes to be used by the children. You need to have spare time and be very prompt.  Teachers helper will also prepare the play dough fresh weekly for the school. It must be ready and at school each Monday morning. These tasks can be done at home. Small cash outlays will be quickly reimbursed for playdough making supplies in addition, you will be responsible for making classroom and field trip name tags for the students as well as set up and breakdown of monthly themes decided on by the teacher. will also be responsible for ensuring that all families have completed sign-up sheets to bring items for parties/special events held during class time. This job is only assigned to a 4-year parent.  Reports to: Teacher/Vice President

YEARBOOK There is (1) person for each class that is responsible for using projects and photos to create a yearbook for each child – includes taking pictures of special events, outings, and parties to be included in the yearbooks (and graduation pictures for the 4-year). You need to have spare time to be successful in this position and be able to load pictures at least monthly to an online account. Reports to: Membership Chair

MAINTENANCE Will participate in scheduled maintenance sessions (Tuesday or Thursdays 7pm with the exception of one Saturday for the Tuesday crew). Tasks will include making sure all toys and equipment are cleaned and organized as well as keeping the playground well maintained. The committee will be required to perform routine maintenance tasks around the school as needed. The committee is divided into two groups so that each member works approximately 9-10 maintenance shifts per school year. Reports to: Maintenance

FUNDRAISING Will work with the Vice Presidents to plan and execute fundraisers. This includes distribution of orders throughout the school year.  Will work closely with the board in planning and execution of the Annual Silent Auction / Bowling Fundraiser. Will also be responsible for soliciting prizes and other items needed for fundraising throughout the entire school year. Will be expected to attend regular fundraising team meetings for silent auction planning. Reports to: Vice President

LAUNDRY/SUPPLY Responsible for weekly washing of art smocks and rags that are used in the classroom. The laundry is taken home weekly to be washed, dried and folded. Laundry must be promptly returned. This job can be done at home and will only be assigned to a 4-year parent. Responsible for purchasing the classroom and household supplies as directed by the teacher. Prepaid gift cards will be provided to purchase items from Target and GFS. Reimbursement by check will be provided for items that need to be purchased from other businesses. Reports to: Teacher/Vice President

HEALTH PARENT Responsible for submitting health records into MCIR system at the beginning of the school year and completing weekly report to Wayne County by email/fax/mail reporting any illness (or lack of) in the school. Copies of weekly reports must be submitted to WCCP email account for records. Reports to: Membership

NEWSLETTER/SCHEDULER Responsible for creating and distributing the monthly WCCP newsletter and schedules to families. Teacher will provide content for each month and this parent creates the newsletter using standard template, submit it to Vice President for review by the 15th of each month.  Along with the newsletter you will also be responsible for putting together working/snack parent schedule for each class also Due by the 15th of each month. Email it to board members and make copies for all student families.  Post it on our news board. Reports to: Secretary/Membership and President (gets notes and upcoming info from Teachers)